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Sadeem energy LLC.

Sustainable Energy Middle East

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Energy To Run Middle East Main Metropolitan

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We believe that sustainable economy can not be achieved without a sustainable renewable energy options that enforces positive impact on social, environmental and overall economic conditions. 

Sadeem Energy Company based in Dubai, established in the aftermath of major Middle East energy sector movement for sustainability, and to cater for the region energy gap.

our network and market understanding give us an advantage over many competitors in the region, especially in the training of new energy sectors, and early stage projects implementations.

One of our major sister companies in this sector is OPIC  based in Dubai aims to support and boost the GCC strategic development plans.

Sadeem Energy alongside OPIC we provides outstanding training, consulting and research services. We pride of ourselves on being a team of multinational professionals and we have an understanding of all aspects of the global market.


Energy Sector Focus

Spending on electricity networks and storage continued its steady rise of the past five years, reaching an all-time high of $277 billion. Overall, the grid is modernising and moving from a pure electricity delivery business to an integrated platform for data and services, enabled by rapid progress in digital information and communications technologies, which grew to over 10% of networks spending. 

As stated by International Energy Agency (IEA)


Nuclear Energy

We seek to enhance our safety, policy making, training, and implementations, monitoring, advisory, and services. Regardless of the various definitions of 'renewable energy', nuclear power meets every reasonable criterion for sustainability, which is our the prime concern.

Renewable Energy

The applications and use cases of renewable energy have broadened.Renewable energy is a global phenomenon on the upswing. For the foreseeable future, its growth is set to accelerate. We look for partners to provide proven applications of energy.

Energy Storage

Sadeem is working with number of partners to harness energy storage as it is a crucial tool for enabling the effective integration of renewable energy and unlocking the benefits of nuclear, solar and wind power for emerging markets. 

Power Distrbution 

Power distributed resources, regulatory constraints, business process redesign and system planning, our company is in hunt for the distribution power grid technologe. These advancements range from distributed energy sources and prudent energy efficiencies to emerging techniques for energy storage.

Supporting Technologies

The changes caused by digital technologies will bring benefits to all parts of the value chain from generation, to distribution and retail, and will take an important role, Sadeem has opened dialogue with Euro-asian companies to find best fits for our local networks.

β€œThe size of countries is not measured by wealth and money, and money is only a means to great ends, while knowledge, science and the ability of countries to provide a decent, safe life for their children is the measure. We here in the UAE give importance to science and scientists in various fields.”

β€” The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the United Arab Emirates.

Joining Middle East Sustainabile Movement

Through our selected partnerships worldwide we aim to work to introduce services and technologies locally and place a plan to transfer knowledge through training and operation. 


Business Partnership

We understand starting a business in different countries contain many obstacles, and from experience we try to make it easier for companies to enter the market in an affordable way without falling into fatal mistakes.

Client Services

We offer you unmatched industry perspective and cost-effective energy solutions that optimize your value chain. We provide tailored solutions for clients in sustainable energy sector, inclusive of nuclear, oil and gas.                                

Investors Section

Due to being in the middle of the energy sector activity we have number of deal flows and projects that could be of a great investment for you. We are well positioned to advice you on your next investment project in energy.