Courses Name


Radiation-treated food

Program Objective:

  • Deepening the concept of the importance of the role of radiation therapy techniques and genetic engineering in the production of food and public health and its role in biological, agricultural and veterinary research while taking care of the benefits of these environmental and economic techniques and their social impacts .

  • Enable the researcher to know the best ways to determine the value of radiation doses suitable for food, to evaluate the safety of radiation-treated foods and to identify them and to enable participants to conduct practical applications.


Identification of irradiated food

Program Objective:

  • Introducing the modern methods of identification adopted by the European market.

  • Provide ways to identify the food generally treated with radiation.

  • Practical training for some of these methods.

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Role of Radiation in Integrated pest management

Program Objective:

  • Identify the different methods used to control pests in storage and in the field in order to reduce the severe losses caused by pests and cause the loss of millions of pounds and dollars of the national income of peoples.