Eurasian Business Forum 2018 also aimed at strengthening bilateral ties between the Eurasian countries.

It also provided heads of government agencies, top executives of leading pri- vate companies and subject experts the opportunity to share a single platform.

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The forum was organised by Riya- da Consulting. Speaking to Tribune, Shaikha Dheya bint Ebrahim Al Khal- ifa, president of Riyada Group said, “A forum like this goes back to the time I formed Riyada Consulting in 2001. The aim at that time was to help promote technology in the Kingdom and develop the Kingdom’s capabilities to create technologies to enable us to contribute to more to the global economy apart from the oil and gas industry.”

“It is a great delight to see that a lot has achieved since 2001, but we still have a lot of milestones to cross and that’s what the mission of the forum is. It is about building milestones and cre- ating new goals. The forum will bring together the heads from the related gov- ernment agencies, the leading private companies, and members of the expert’s community from the Eurasian region.

Delegates from different countries at the forum.

“We all have the capabilities to pro- gress and strengthen bilateral ties but communication gaps can create that barrier, thus we are here to educate each other and learn from each oth- er and improve our cooperation. The event further not only has countries participating from a specific Eurasian region, but we have other GCC countries participation along with countries like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China, KoreaUK and we believe this would result building a position and would further create a hope for innovation wherein trade can be easily conducted and new understandings can be reached.”

From the Federal Assembly of Rus- sian Federation, Sergey Vladimirovich,

State Duma Deputy, vice-chairman of the committee on physical education, sports, tourism and youth affairs added, “Our goal is to build a co-operation be- tween the two countries and to create more touristic opportunities between our two countries, which could lead to more investments.”

“We believe, it is really important to create the awareness of tourism and to create direct flights between our coun- tries and by doing so we would create opportunities for developing different sectors of tourism like sports, medical and so on.”

“We are also holding talks to create direct flights from Sochi and Bahrain to enable convenient travelling and fur-

The aim at that time was to help promote technology in the Kingdom and develop the Kingdom’s capabilities to create technologies to enable us to contribute to more to the global economy apart from the oil and gas industry.

ther when I travel back to Moscow. We are going to start work on to simplify visa process between Russia and Bah-

rain, where we will speak to the Foreign Affairs in order to neutralise the system of visa between our countries.”

“Moreover, we greatly hope to devel- op relations between our countries in terms of investment, so that the King- dom can invest money in our projects and infrastructure and wherein we could invest in projects in the Kingdom and further developing the two coun- tries SMEs sector.”

“The two nations have mutual ben- efits and interest in strengthening the ties as the oil prices have decreased and now we should take initiatives towards the development of the productions in various other sectors.”

Dr Nabeel Abdulrahman Al Asoomi, chairman of Bahraini Russian Friend- ship Society told Tribune, “This forum is extremely important for the two countries, to improve and strength- en relationships. Russia is extremely interested to strengthen the bilateral ties in different sectors. We are already engaged in the sector of tourism where we have a lot of tourists that go to Rus- sia and a lot of Russians that travel to Bahrain every year, but we trying to strengthen the investment sector for the two nations wherein both the countries will highly benefit from this co-operation. As Bahrain has finance but not interesting projects but if we collaborate with the Russian the collab- oration would be of mutual benefit and both the kingdoms would progress.”

Shanghai Institute Of Technology

Shanghai Institute of Technology.

2nd of May 2018, Shanghai, China.

Dr. Ahmed Bin Sumit Infinte Energy Ltd and the directors of the Institute have opened discussion regarding Nuclear Energy Science transfer of experience. The meeting was conducted as part of the official delegation representing UAE to China. 


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