Courses Name


Environmental Management Systems

Program Objective:

  • It aims to inform the laws and regulations governing the protection of the environment and the application of environmental management systems and how to achieve compatibility between local environmental laws and international standard systems.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Program Objective:

  • Lectures in environmental survey management, environmental protection laws, environmental register, listing method, application of environmental management systems, project classification and lists system.

  • Methods of disposal and reservation.


Environmental Review Of Petroleum Wastes

Program Objective:

  • Secure transport of NORM.

  • Selection and processing of reservation places on NORM.

  • Foundations of radiation prevention, preventive measures at work and domestic and international legislation.

  • Methods of dealing with contaminated waste.

  • Compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Law for natural radioactive materials whether solid or liquid.

  • Comprehensive environmental and radio-logical audit of petroleum installations.