Our Partnership Model

We believe like many other companies in the world that to invest strategic resources toward direct delivery efforts and drive innovation where it can have the deepest impact in local markets, require local market understanding, and not to fall in partnerships that don’t care due to their large and wide structures and end up having your business neglected.





A Go To Market Approach

At Sadeem Energy We understand starting a business in different countries contain many obstacles to be crossed, and from our experience we try to make it easier for companies to enter the market in an affordable way without falling into fatal mistakes that would end up loss of time and investment.





Market Assessment & BI

Our objective of market assessment is to seek the best-fit market solution for the market gap, and sustainable competitive advantage prior to market approach and proposal to estimate the market size and ascertain the benefits potential of the solution provided.





Applicable Business Model

Without a framework for identifying opportunities, it is hard to be systematic about the process, which explains why it is generally done on an ad hoc basis. As a result, many companies miss out on inexpensive ways to improve their profitability and productivity.

We on the other-hand work with our partners to define a business model that works for all parties and increase the rate of success of the business.





Expert Advice

Expert advice is not cheap, but it pales in comparison to the costs, missed opportunities and damage to the corporate psyche and reputation caused by failed first attempts or other errant initiatives.

Additionally, commit the internal resources required. Select an internal staff for which the international expansion is not just an extension of their current responsibility. Have this as their primary responsibility. Partner them with external experts and ensure a knowledge transfer so that you’re developing internal expertise while growing the business.




Legal Entity Setup

After agreeing a business model we then define the most proper legal entity to setup, with the proper management needs and structure, while defining the costs to do so.

In this process we make sure that our new entity or existing one has all the approved government actions to be able to start our activity.

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