Courses Name


Dozimetry Individuals

Program Objective:

  • Awareness of health workers .

  • Professionalism, safety, security and protection .

  • The importance of recording doses .

  • Radiation for individuals that require .

  • The nature of their work .

  • Radiation or presence near .

  • Stores radioactive sources classification.


Safety, Occupational Safety and Health

Program Objective:

  • Risk analysis .

  • Working according to the OSHA standards, providing .

  • The implementation of all safety requirements and occupational health to ensure provision .

  • Its security environment achieves protection from love for human beings and inform the participants.

  • International standards and conventions and safety and health recommendations .

  • Professionalism, as well as strengthening the concept of a team .

  • Collective action to reduce bouts .

  • Anxiety and panic among workers .


Transport of Materials with Radioactive Activity

Program Objective:

  • Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials, Practice and Experience in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Radiation .

  • Basic principles for radiation health damage, package design, storage, international responsibility and administration, control and quality assurance during transport, transport and training data, contingency plan during the course of transport.