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In 2017, for the eighth year running, global investment in renewable

energy exceeded $240 billion. Last year’s total of $279.8 billion was 2% higher than the equivalent for 2016, but still significantly below the all-time high of $323.4 billion reached in 2015.3 This brought cumulative investment since 2004 to $2.9 trillion.4The strength of these renewable energy investment totals over the years has happened despite steady falls in capital costs, particularly in solar. Those reductions have meant that developers have been able to install year on year more megawatts for the same number of dollars.

In 2017, as usual, asset finance of utility-scale wind farms, solar parks and other renewable energy plants was by far the largest component

of investment, followed by the financing of small distributed capacity – rooftop and other small-scale solar projects of less than 1MW. However, equity raising by specialist green energy companies on public markets and from venture capital and

private equity providers was more subdued in 2017 than in some earlier years, reflecting the fact that sectors such as wind and solar are increasingly dominated by big manufacturers, developers and investor groups, rather than young companies.

Frankfurt School-UNEP Centre/BNEF. 2018.


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Driven by a new wave of disruptive growth from innovation, automation, and technology-centred processes, financial markets are undergoing a period of rapid change.

While some of these changes increase efficiency and transparency, they also threaten the sustainability of economic growth and may harm stakeholders by incenting short-term focused behaviours. In addition, global capital pools continue growing, exacerbating the disconnect between the demand for high returns and the ability to achieve them. 

As political agendas become greener, much of the capital allocation choices of governmental bodies have been driven toward green technology, that are geared at the provision of renewable, efficient energy solutions. While government investments represent a significant portion of global investments in green technology, however, venture capital and private equity firms remain top players in this sector.