Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

The world is undergoing the most dynamic and monumental technology transformation in history, with change occurring at a more rapid pace each year. Nowhere is this more apparent – or critical – than in the energy sector. The UAE is actively embracing and leading this movement, establishing visionary initiatives and strategies – such as the “Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030” – in planning and managing its national identity and development.

Although oil and gas remains the primary industry and source of energy, identifying and developing green, renewable, sustainable energy alternatives has emerged as a major objective and area of investment, with the establishment of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program being the most prominent example.

The Barakah nuclear plant is already providing electricity to the Abu Dhabi grid and when it reaches full operational capacity, its four units will provide 5,600 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the homes and businesses of the UAE, while at the same time preventing the release of 21 million tons of CO2 every year. Other green energy alternatives such as solar are also priority objectives, as exemplified by the Masdar City 10MW Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s future AED 50B, 5,000 MW Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

Green, environmental focus is of paramount importance to the UAE in all of its energy strategies, set forth in such programs and directives as the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD)’s “Environmental Vision 2030” and “Clean Energy Targets 2035” decrees.

With so much at stake, and with such a high priority profile, responsible energy solutions development represents a transformative and crucial journey for securing the future.

At Sadeem, we are fully committed to participating actively and effectively in this journey, not only in the UAE but in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East regions.

Our ultimate goal is to play a key role in making the world a better place, in accordance with, and in full support of, the vision and directives of the UAE leadership. Our core value in achieving this goal is unwavering commitment to our customers through creation of value-added, synergistic solutions. Leveraging the abundant and capable resources of our international strategic partners, we ensure delivery of comprehensive energy solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

In addition, corporate social responsibility is a fundamental value at Sadeem. Good corporate citizenship mandates that we fully embrace such goals as the “Developing a highly skilled, highly productive work force” priority item set forth in the “Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030” strategy. To that end, we have pledged to train and develop 200 UAE national fresh graduates during the five years starting 2022. In addition, we give priority to engage UAE national consultants to participate in the economic growth of the UAE, thus contributing to the UAE’s “In-Country-Value” objective.

At Sadeem, we continually strive to be more than just a service provider. We are a partner with all of our client, government, and society stakeholders.