Mr. Ahmed Mohammady


Worked for more than 25 years in the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority until he reached the ‎position of Director General of the training center in the authority and has a prominent role in ‎publishing the training programs for the peaceful uses of atomic energy in various fields, both ‎locally and regionally.‎ He was nominated in the Strategic Vision of Egypt 2030,he also worked as a Lecturer and Consultant ‎in the major training companies since 1993 and became Director of some of these branches. ‎

He has many relationships and the strong presence in the bodies and organizations working in the ‎field of nuclear energy and many contributions to these bodies in the field of research or ‎development of some of the work belonging to these bodies, including the Egyptian Nuclear ‎Materials Authority and has many domestic and international relations in this area with local, ‎regional and international bodies, allowing the use of experts and lecturers of all specialties and ‎nationalities of the company. ‎